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Growing your business and increasing your revenues in 2019 while helping to create thriving medical practices. Discover a NEW way to own your won business in health care.

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Main Features

Participating in the GROWING Health Care Expenditure

Expand YOUR Business

Testing Site Partners

Tek Partners Inc secures a  Testing Site on behalf of the Tek Partner.

Tek Partner Program

The Tek Partner Program provides a significant advancement in the Doctor's ability to objectively improve patient outcomes.

Winning Scenario

This program creates a winning scenario for you, the doctor and the patient!

Does this sound intriguing? Want to learn MORE?

DON'T delay! Get Started by learning more about this UNIQUE Opportunity.


Developing a Turn-Key Program

Tek Partners Inc developed a program that created an opportunity for physicians and Tek Partners. Tek Partners Inc provides a unique system of medical devices and medical software that can be utilized by physicians and their staff across the country.

With the medical facilities and the practice of medicine moving towards value vs. volume based models, these professionals are being asked to so much more with so much less. This creates a challenging environment. That is where our Tek Partners come in.

With the Tek Partners Program, You will be providing these Doctors with the Software as well as the Testing Devices under a FFS Agreement that we secure on your behalf.

Providing our Tek Partners with the testing site, the training and installation, manuals, build process reports, delivery notes as well as the FFS Agreement. This is your program, this is YOUR business!

Physicians and testing sites now have access to these programs and devices at an affordable rate and patients will get better Health Risk Evaluations and potential treatment outcomes.

Fully Responsive

As a Tek Partner, this is your business! You own the equipment, this is YOUR program!
Teaming up with medical professionals across the country to bring them an affordable option while increasing revenues has never been easier.


We provide a testing site location on your behalf, the Tek Partner. We provide the training, installation, build process reports, software setup, warranty claims and day to day customer and IT support.

Let’s Work Together

Start Your OWN BUSINESS in Health Care in 2019!

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Who We Are

Program Features

The Tek Partners Program is a fully integrated non-invasive system that performs a number of test modules on patients for sole purpose of discovering hidden risk factors that affect a patients health.

Vascular and Nervous System Device

In 15 minutes, identify patients at risk for sudden death, silent heart attack, hypertension cardiac neuropathy, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, vascular abnormalities and other hidden diseases.

Although the technology for testing has existed for 50 years, the ability to provide an affordable and mobile platform has only existed for the last 10 years. Previously the technology for testing required large, bulky equipment that was only affordable to large Hospitals. With the advancement of computers and microprocessors, this system has become a sub-clinical tool that even small physician practices can acquire. This device is a fully integrated non-invasive platform which performs comprehensive vascular and nervous system assessments. This device is designed to identify numerous Health Risk Factors at an early stage.
VANS and Annual Wellness Software
The Annual Wellness Visit Software Program bundled with the VANS Assessment provides a unique program for our Tek Partners.

The Annual Wellness Visits is design to provide doctor's with a Health Risk Assessment for potential Outcomes. Bundled with the VANS System, these reports provide an in depth look at the potential health risks of patient on a sub-clinical level.

Why do physicians utilize these programs and devices? Through the preventative testing and the value based requirement initiatives, Doctors now have the technology and the program to tackle these requirements with ease. No guessing, no paper tests, no more spending hours at the office calculating risk scores. The report is generated at the moment and point of care.
9000+ Assessments
120+ Goals Achieved
Testing Site Locations in 14 States
70,000+ Cups of Coffee
Linzy Davis

“This is one of the best companies you can work for if you are a sales professional. The innovative products and devices are absolutely needed and provide health care professionals with a solution for improving patient outcomes as well as revenue.”

// Tek partner manager
Gregory Smith M.D.

"I have worked extensively with their programs. Their products excel in quality and innovation;  I will undoubtedly continue to utilize their devices and programs with all my patients."

// m.d. and testing site partner
Thomas Johnson M.D.

“I have been practicing medicine for a number of years and I have to say that their programs renewed an excitement for preventative patient care. From a sub-clinical stand point, the data that is gathered for my patients health risks are truly innovative.”

// M.D. and Testing SITE PARTNER
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